Three tips to consider before moving

You made the decision to move, but packing and transporting your belongings can be challenging. Take some time to plan before you move. Think about if you will manage the entire move or if it would be wiser to have a professional moving company help so you can focus on what’s important to you. 

Here are three tips to consider before moving. 
  • For short-term moves, you won’t need to pack all of your belongings. Try to pack only the essentials you might need including, toiletries, clothing, medications, bedding, electronics, and/or kitchen items. You'll need to store your items you're not taking with you, Crown Relocations can store the items you aren't taking with you in a safe, secure location for as long as you need.
  • For long-term moves, assess what you think you’ll need for an extended duration. Create a packing plan based on categories for all of your belongings such as essentials (mentioned above), useful items (TVs, toolkits), and unnecessary (seasonal decorations, furniture, art collections, etc.) With the items you’re not taking, consider putting them into Crown’s Secure Storage that will provide the best possible protection for your belongings. Crown will even pick up your items for you and deliver it to a local Crown warehouse.

  • For permanent moves, chances are you will be packing the majority of your belongings including large furniture and fragile items  Self-packing carries the risk of items being damaged or destroyed if not packaged properly. Consider a professional moving company such as Crown Relocations to help move and transport your belongings.

With over 50+ years in the moving industry, Crown has specialized knowledge in proper packing techniques and experience transporting large, heavy items. Unforeseen accidents do happen when moving, but with the optional CrownCare Transit Protection plan, your belongings are insured in case any items are broken or damaged while in transit by road, rail, ship or air. 

Crown offers a free moving quote and consultation so you can make an informed decision without any obligation. 

Check out the FAQ section for answers regarding Crown’s moving services. Planning your move and staying organized is one of the best ways to make the relocation process less stressful.

*Donate your canned food items on moving day instead of disposing of them in the trash. Crown Relocations is the proud partner of MoveForHunger, a nonprofit organization providing food donations to food banks across the country.