Top Three U.S. Cities to Move for Employment

With a new year upon us, people are making a change in their lifestyles. Not with just new year’s resolutions that come and go, but actually packing their belongings and looking to move to a new location for a fresh start that may suit their professional and/or personal lifestyles.  Crown Relocations specializes in local and domestic moves across the US as well as international relocations.  Crown can partner with you, from start to finish, with a wide range of services to choose from. Recently Glassdoor released their annual report on the Best Cities (US) for Jobs. The list ranking is determined by weighing three factors equally.
1.       How easy it is to get a job (hiring opportunity)Boston City
2.       How satisfied employees are working there (job contentment
3.       How affordable is it to live there (cost of living)
Here are the top three US cities that made the list:

1. Pittsburgh, PA

  2. Indianapolis, IN

  3. Kansas City, MO

Many of the top cities on the list aren’t huge metropolitan cities like New York or Los Angeles, they are mid-sized cities that offer reasonable housing and great job opportunities which differs from major US metropolitan cities where an average median home value may list at a starting cost of $1 million USD. No matter where you decide to move, Crown Relocations can be there to help you from start to finish.  Contact one of our regional centers today or visit for a free moving quote.
The full Glassdoor list of cities can be found here.