Water – Ways to conserve

Not just in drought-stricken California but everywhere, it’s up to each of us to use water and other natural resources wisely. Conserve waterA number of small adjustments can have a big impact over time.

In their corporate social responsibility efforts, many companies establish conservation goals within their organizations. At Crown, for example, one of the company’s 2014 goals is to cut water usage by at least 2% at every branch through better worldwide conservation practices. Each branch is encouraged to promote water efficiency in ways suitable to their locations. The hot summers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, inspired our branch there to create a drain-and-capture system to collect water from the warehouse air conditioners, collecting almost one thousand liters a week. The collected water is then used to wash and clean the warehouse, trucks and more.

Some tips to improve water efficiency at work:

  • Sweep paved areas instead of hosing them down with water.
  • Use a bucket to wash vehicles and a spray nozzle when rinsing them.
  • Don’t use the toilet as a waste paper basket.
  • Don’t keep water running while you clean and rinse dishes, food, or your teeth, or while washing your hands.
  • Rainwater management/usage is a critical part of water efficiency.
  • Look for affordable office upgrades like faucet aerators and rainwater collection barrels.
  • Regularly inspect water pipes and faucets – inside and outside – for leaks.
Tips for conserving water

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