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Over in the United Kingdom, "the bee's knees" means 'brilliant', 'amazing, 'wonderful'. And that's what our UK relocations services is. 

But don’t just take our word for it, have a read of some of our moving stories from those who have already moved to the UK and find out just why our UK relocations service is the bee’s knees!

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"Bob's your Uncle" means 'everything is done', 'voila', 'complete' in the UK. And that’s what we want all our customers to feel when they move with Crown Relocations. 

Which is why we've created a destination guide for all of our top cities in the UK. Giving you advice on everything from the best areas to live in to the latest immigration advice. 

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Over in the United Kingdom, "Piece of Cake" means something is 'simple', 'easy peasy', 'stress free'. And that's what our UK relocations and settling in services are all about. 

Whether it's local area searches, school finding, home shortlisting or simply changing your new home's broadband supplier, we know these finishing touches make your UK relocation a piece of cake. 

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