How close-knit is the expat community in this area? How do I get involved with it?

It is a good idea to take advantage of all of the embassies in Ottawa. Many of them organize social events for expatriates from their home countries. At the very least they will be able to inform you of any clubs or organizations that exist.

Another option is to search online expat forums, check in the telephone book, or ask at your local community center or library.
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Beside expat groups, what is the best way to make social connections outside of work?

Whether you are looking to make connections in your new community or find others that share your interests or religious beliefs, you can find it in Ottawa. Most communities have community associations that gather on a regular basis for meetings, events, outings, and even neighborhood festivals.

The area might even have a community center where you and your family can take classes or lessons and meet new people. Interests groups can be found for most activities and can be located online or in the phone book. Alternatively, you could take a class at one of the universities or colleges in an area of interest.
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Where can I meet other singles in this city?

Some of the best places to meet people include art galleries, dance clubs, concerts, libraries, festivals, museums, or community and ethnic events.

Meet Market Adventures is a group that organizes different activities around town for singles. Events can include night hikes, indoor rock climbing, comedy night, wine tastings, and trivia nights. There are also numerous dating services and social clubs available in Ottawa. You can find these online, in the telephone book, or in the newspaper.
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Are there any unique networking opportunities for accompanying partners?

The Ottawa Newcomers' Club welcomes women who are new to the National Capital Region. The Club offers the opportunity to meet friendly individuals who will immediately make newcomers feel welcome and at home while enjoying our many activities, including speaker presentations, meetings, fun lunches, book discussions, Gallery tours, movie night, skating, skiing, hiking, dinner parties, golf, walking, bridge, crafts, cultural activities, writer's group, basic drawing, quilting, and Moms and Tots.
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