Will I need to drive my own vehicle to conduct my everyday life (work/school/shopping) at my destination?

Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe so you will not need to own a vehicle. Prague's reliable transportation will get you almost anywhere in the city.
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How can I legally drive a vehicle in this city?

In order to drive legally in the Czech Republic, you must attend driving school as well as pass an exam before getting a driver's license and registration. The car must be insured by either a Czech or international insurance carrier. You have 180 days once you cross the border before you have to comply.

Effective 1st of January 2005, it is required by law that all private cars in the Czech, including those of foreign visitors, carry the following items:

  • 1 x Fluorescent Green High Visibility Safety Jacket

  • 1 x First Aid Kit

  • 1 x Spare pair of prescription glasses (if necessary) – kept in the glove compartment

  • 1x Warning triangle

  • 1 x Complete set of spare bulbs

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What side of the road do people drive on?

On the right.
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Describe typical public transportation an expat might use to get around the city.

The Metro (subway), trams and buses are used by two-thirds of Prague's population and cover a majority of the city and outskirts. The Metro is the quickest way to travel around the city and will take you long distances in just a matter of minutes.

Metro (subway) - Carrying approximately 400 million passengers a year, there are three subway lines available: Line A (green), Line B (yellow) and Line C (red), and all are interconnected.

Trams - Used by approximately 300 million passengers a year, the trams in Prague are reliable and cover a large part of the city.

Buses - Buses cover mostly the outskirts of Prague and run from 4:30am until midnight.
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Could an expat also use public transportation to get out of the city—to surrounding towns, recreation areas or suburbs? If so, list options.

The best options would be by bus or the Metro.
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In regards to transportation, are there any safety issues I should be aware of?

When travelling on public transportation, be sure to always keep an eye on your personal belongings.
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Where do I buy tickets/tokens/etc. for the major public transportation?

You may purchase tickets at either an Automat or news stand. Tickets cost 32 CZK if you will use just one source of transportation (bus or tram)
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