Rocket Languages

Online language courses designed by language lovers, crafted for you
This Crown Recommended Partner helps people to learn new languages. A language has the potential to connect people and expand horizons, that is the inspiration behind Rocket Languages. A new language lets you see the world through a different lens. It can change you and helping you to understand other cultures - their people and places - in a more meaningful way. A new language has the potential to create a better world and Rocket Languages are behind this and loving it!
This Crown Recommended Partner has a small team of passionate professionals who are on a mission to help humans connect, communicate, and come together. This is not a global corporation that exists for the sole purpose of turning a profit.
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The Rocket Languages story, how did the company start?

Almost 20 years ago, from the co-founders' and CEO experience in learning French for a few years, stocking up on books, going to classes and different software programs to help. Nothing seemed to be working, so then Jason Oxenham (CEO and Co-Founder of Rocket Languages), knew he is Not the only one struggling like this.

With this issue the co-founder turned to his friend (and soon to be co-founder) Mark Ling and I started thinking of a solution to the problem. Through examination of the problems people encounter when trying to learn a language and they explored ways to overcome them. After a lot of research, surveying several people who speak multiple languages, hired linguistic experts, investigated practical learning strategies and enlisted technical specialists.

And like that Rocket Languages was born!
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With Rocket Languages, you'll...

A new language can be yours for life, and this Crown Recommended Partner believes your language course should be too. With Rocket Languages, you can come back in a month, a year or even a decade and still have full access to your courses. You'll also get all of the updates and improvements that are made for free!
If you pronounce words correctly, then you know you'll be understood by the locals - which is why these courses teach you to talk just like the locals. With the courses, you can check your pronunciation using the state-of-the-art voice recognition system and to native speaker audio of thousands of useful words and phrases.
Many new language learners feel nervous about talking to native speakers, so the perfect activity to address this problem was creates. It lets you practice both sides of common conversations in a comfortable, stress-free environment, so that you're ready to respond when you're out in the real world.
You'll put a lot of time into learning your new language, so the platform makes sure you can remember it all by including fun and engaging activities in every lesson. These activities use algorithms to identify where you're having trouble and help you practice problematic words and phrases until they stick.
Knowing a few set phrases in your new language can be helpful, but will only get you so far in real-life situations. This Crown Recommended Partner takes you step by step through how the language works so that you can build sentences on your own and actually take part in conversations.
When you first hear someone speak in a language you don't know, it can be hard to make out even a single word. The Rocket Languages courses come with tons of downloadable audio tracks that train your ear to your new language.
Communicating and connecting with people in another language isn't just about using proper grammar - it's also about understanding another culture. With these courses you get ready for this with lessons on everything from greetings and foods to holidays and local customs.
A lot of other courses out there take a cookie-cutter approach, using the same template for every language they teach. At Rocket Languages, they understand that no two languages are exactly alike! That's why they've carefully crafted each of the courses to include what's practical, relevant, and useful for the language you are learning.
Motivation is key to learning a language, so this Crown Recommended Partner makes sure to provide you with a wide array of motivational tools and techniques. They'll keep your interest up and your focus sharp so you can meet your goals and make better progress.
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