Vacant Home & Tenant-Occupied Protection

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    Looking after the home you leave behind

    CrownCare Vacant and Tenant-Occupied Home Protection is a cost-effective, convenient way to insure your vacant or rented dwelling against the consequences of a serious loss.

    Owning homes in different countries can be an exciting, wonderful opportunity. However, it represents a complex decision, especially for people working with time constraints.

    Insuring a vacant home is a particularly troublesome aspect of managing your global risk. In most jurisdictions, domestic insurers are reluctant to cover vacant dwellings. Often, these insurers will either provide limited coverage or no coverage at all, thus creating the potential for a serious financial loss to the homeowner.

    Crown Relocations is aware of its responsibility to the internationally mobile community. Consequently, we provide insurance coverage for vacant principle dwellings located around the world.

    Online technology guarantees that all your insurance needs can be securely and quickly transacted. Furthermore, our worldwide network of professional loss adjusters ensures that all claims are dealt with quickly and effectively.