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International Payments expertly done with Equals Money
Equals Money
Making it simpler and cheaper for you to manage and move money around the world. That is the Equals Money mission and what their hard-working teams are dedicated to making a reality for you every single day. Get to know Equals Money a little better and discover the story of the last 13 years.

International Payments, expertly done

Get market-leading rates for a range of payment solutions, with an expert account manager by your side helping to protect your business from volatile currency markets. This Crown Recommended Partner are tried and trusted - since its beginnings 13 years ago in 2007, where they have helped customers manage and move over £10 billion around the world.

Already helping over 15,000 companies of all shapes and sizes get more for their money! 
Equals Money make it simple and cheap to move your money
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Business Solutions

Getting your business more for its money, Equals Money combine global payments technology with currency expertise to help you manage your cashflow and expenses, simply and cost-effectively.

Pay suppliers, business partners or employees worldwide at some of the best rates available. Save time and hassle with the Equals Money expense management solution, or access to faster payments API to save money on domestic payments

Team Spending in one place

Equals Money expense management platform gives you complete control over what your team is spending, allowing you to stay on top of budgets.

  1. Order unlimited prepaid cards for your team to use in over 190 countries.
  2.  Add money, manage top-ups and pause or resume cards, all in a matter of clicks.
  3. Review transactions with receipts and categories to make reconciliation a breeze.
  4. Add new users in a few clicks and get your cards delivered within 5 working days.
  5. Customize access permissions for individual users depending on their role and responsibilities.

However you need to make payments

Equals Money service is tailored to you and your business which is why this Recommended Partner have a wide range of payment solutions for customers to choose from. Whether you’re looking to make regular payments or a one-off, and making them now or in the future, Equals Money has you covered.
  • Spot trade - Make a one-off transfer using the live exchange rate for your chosen currencies. The payment will be made as soon as possible.
  • Forward contract - Fix a current exchange rate for a transaction up to 12 months in advance, protecting you against any negative market movement.
  • FW swaps - A spot contract mirrored by a forward, used for hedging and facilitated securely through one of the Equals Money expert dealers.
  • Vanilla options - The right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell at a given price within a set time frame. Offering flexibility to adjust to the markets.
  • Participating forwards - Get a secured, protected rate while still allowing beneficial moves on a predetermined amount.
  • Bespoke options – Equals Money experts will take the time to learn your business and create bespoke options for your FX needs.
  • Limit orders - Decide upon a target exchange rate that you want to achieve, if your chosen rate is hit, this Recommended Partner will execute your payment for you.
  • Stop Loss Order - Limit your loss if the market takes a downturn by agreeing a rate when Equals Money should sell your currency.

Connecting your business to the world

Do business around the world and save money on your payments with the Equals Money extensive list of global currencies ranging from euros and US dollars to Japanese yen and South African rand.

Part of the Equals Group

Equals Money is part of the Equals Group which comprises three brands, all working to provide money management solutions for personal and business customers.

Get Started

Ready to start making better international payments? Register in seconds to open your business account with no commitments or monthly fees.

Alternatively, you can request a call back and one of this Crown Recommended Partner expert team will be in touch to let you know what else Equals Money can do for you and your business.
Save money on payments with Equals Money
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