The migratory trends of Indians to other countries

With 17.5 million individuals, the Indian diaspora is the world's largest, according to a 2019 United Nations report. Workers of all skill levels, from all over India relocate to other nations in pursuit of better job prospects, green pastures, and better standards of living abroad.
The vast and pervasive Indian community found all over the world is referred to as the "Indian Diaspora." Although there has long been an Indian diaspora; with changing times and growing opportunities in other nations, Indian migration has dramatically expanded. 

With 17.5 million individuals, the Indian diaspora is the world's largest, according to a 2019 United Nations report. Workers of all skill levels, from all over India relocate to other nations in pursuit of better job prospects, green pastures, and better standards of living abroad. This article sheds light on various migratory trends of educated Indians abroad.

Reasons for Indian diaspora:

The number of Indians moving abroad and back to their homeland is increasing for a variety of reasons. Some of these are:

Growing Awareness About Other Countries - Indians are now more aware of opportunities overseas than they were in the past. With more Indians travelling to different parts of the world, there is more information available about other countries.

The Growing Indian Economy- India continues to be a popular travel destination. While a growing number of Indians migrate abroad, a larger proportion of non-resident Indians (NRIs) are moving back to India. For NRIs, new employment options have been made possible by India's expanding economy and rising demand for skilled labour. The expansion of India's start-up and IT industries has also made a significant impact on the surge in return migration. 

Growing Opportunities Abroad- As more nations embrace foreign nationals by offering more incentives, there are more and more opportunities abroad for both students and working professionals. 

Which countries have the largest Indian diaspora?

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are the three nations that have the most immigrants from India. There are approximately three million Indians living in both the United Kingdom and Canada, compared to an estimated 2.7 million people of Indian descent living in the United States. 

Other countries with substantial Indian diasporas include Singapore, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

India-to-Canada Migration Trend

There are currently a million Indians residing in Canada. Over the past few decades, this number has considerably climbed, with Indians now accounting for 25% of all immigration to Canada. Indians form the largest immigrant group in Canada, and have the highest rate of growth among all ethnic groups in the country. Indian migration to Canada began in the early 1900s. Many Indians who immigrate to Canada do so on student visas or through the skilled worker programme.

India-to-USA Migration Trend

After Mexicans, Indians are currently the second-largest immigrant group in the US

Several factors have contributed to the growth in Indian migration to the US, including increased economic and political ties between the two countries, an increase in the number of educational opportunities as well as employment visas issued to Indians. 

The expansion of the IT industry in the US may possibly have contributed to the increase in Indian immigration to the US. Many Indians who migrated to the US are employed in IT and software-related fields, using H1B and other skilled-worker visas. 

India-to-UK Migration Trend

The UK is one of the best places in the world for skilled and qualified people from India to live, work, and study permanently. Because of its high standards of living and culture, it is the most sought-after area for people aiming for a high-quality lifestyle for themselves and their dependents. Many Indians have recently immigrated to the UK and are employed there in the IT industry.

Indian women in the diaspora - an important shifting trend

While an increasing number of Indian males move abroad in search of greener pastures and better employment possibilities, a sizable number of Indian women do the same. According to mid-2020 UN estimates, women made up 48% of all foreign migrants globally. The number of Indian women who have immigrated to other nations has dramatically increased during the last three decades.

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Indians now live practically everywhere in the world, from Fiji to the United Arab Emirates, from the United States to Canada. 

The increase in Indian immigration to other nations is due to several factors. In comparison to the past, Indians are more aware of other chances overseas and there are more opportunities abroad. It is now obvious that migration is no longer solely a man's adventure as more and more women go to different nations. It is an adventure filled with discovery, reinvention, and optimism. 

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