Intercultural training

Settling into your new home is crucial to your success. Intercultural training helps families acclimatize to their new location more smoothly. Having better cultural awareness both at, and outside of work helps to reduce the impact of adjusting to day-to-day life.

Adapting to and embracing cultural change

There's a big difference between going to work in another country and making your life work there. Our intercultural training helps families settle into their new location smoothly.
The confidence gained from learning how to communicate, and the satisfaction of integrating into the local culture, ensures a positive foreign experience and better integration.
Intercultural Services also covers repatriation—often more challenging—which helps those families who decide to permanently return to their original location.

One-to-one coaching

Our programs are tailored to individual needs: initial cultural readiness check, identifying specific requirements and building an action plan for further cultural development.