When the crew arrives our team leader will confirm with you all the items to be moved before they begin to carefully pack your belongings.

Preparing for packing day

Moving day

When the crew arrives our team leader will confirm with you all the items to be removed before they begin to carefully pack your belongings.


The crew on our packing teams are known for their skill in the technical side of packing, as well as their courtesy when visiting your home. We also use specialized packing materials to make sure your items are properly taken care of.


Prior to loading, every item is numbered to match with the packing inventory. Color-coded labels are also used to help delivery crews match items to the right rooms at destination.


Through our training programs, our crews follow best practice methods in handling your belongings safely and with care.

Tips to prepare for packing day

✔ Ensure you (or someone you trust) is present during the arrival and departure of our packing team.
✔ Let us know if any specific permits or bookings are required for parking, access or service lifts.
✔ Empty and defrost your refrigerator/freezer at least 48 hours prior to move day. Plumbed refrigerators must be disconnected and drained in advance.
✔ Disconnect your washing machine, drain all water and install a stabilizer bar/bolt to secure the bowl or drum in transit.
✔ Remove and fold all bed linen from the beds. Waterbeds must be drained and dismantled prior to move day.
✔ Empty fuel from any mechanical items such as motor mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and blowers.
✔ Ensure all outdoor items are thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt, soil or grass. Sort loose items in garages and garden sheds, disposing or separating items not being moved.
✔ Make sure that items to be packed are clearly identified.
✔ Dismantle self-assembly furniture you would like packed in advance. Unless otherwise pre-arranged with your Move Manager
.✔ Disconnect stereo and home theatre systems. Take digital photos of the cables so you can put them together easily at destination.
✔ Remove ink cartridges from printers and batteries from any games, toys and electrical equipment.
✔ Inform your Move Manager if you are considering taking food, alcohol or liquids. Some countries have strict rules around the importation of these items.
✔ Ensure that you back up all data stored on electronic devices