5 Reasons to Call New Zealand Your New Home

5 Reasons to Call New Zealand Your New Home
Planning to relocate to New Zealand? Here’s what you need to know. 
Have you ever whiled away long dreary afternoons wishing you’re living in a place surrounded with natural beauty? Somewhere you can completely switch off and leave your woes behind? It is not surprising that every year, thousands of people get inspired by the light on the other side of the ocean and move to New Zealand - The Land of the Long White Cloud or also known as ‘Aotearoa’, its native Maori name.

New Zealand has always been a popular destination for people looking to uproot and start a new life – especially amongst those discerning expats seeking for more than just sunshine. Here are the top 5 reason why people move to New Zealand:

1. Outstandingly beautiful scenery

The spectacular landscape in New Zealand is renowned all over the world. It truly is a breathtaking country which has long drawn tourist and expats. needs to be explored thoroughly from North to South Island in order to fully experience the diverse landscape there. From lush green mountains, to idyllic lakes and even icy glaciers, New Zealand has it all.

2. Quality of life

New Zealand is leading the curve in so many ways, from politics and healthcare to education and environment conservation. The country is known to be a progressive nation. It was the first country to grant women voting rights and among the first to introduce an 8-hour work day.

New Zealanders do work hard but they also find time to enjoy finer things in life. Life in New Zealand is famous for being laidback and quiet. This relaxed pace of life will give you the time to enjoy everything our vibrant modern cities have to offer, definitely not something you get to experience in other big cities.

3. Multicultural Society

Kiwis are known to be open-minded, friendly and welcoming. A quarter of the nation’s population are of other nationalities and culture. In cities such as Auckland, you will find an array of people from all over the world such as Canadian, French, Chinese and Indians that have now settled here, making the country a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities.

4. Work Opportunities

Due to the booming economy and the low population density, skilled workers are currently in unprecedented demand in New Zealand’s economic market. The government has implemented several measures such as a more relaxed immigration policies to attract and welcome more expats to take up jobs that can’t be filled locally. 

5. Education

Schools in New Zealand have a great reputation. Their higher education institutions are ranked as some of the best in the world. On top of that, their top-notch facilities will create an idyllic childhood for your children. 

 Noah’s relocation experience to New Zealand 

11-year-old Noah has recently moved to New Zealand with his family, leaving behind his friends and the familiarity of his current home. For some, the emotional and cultural challenges of entering unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming. Noah and his mother Akiyo share with us their move preparations to New Zealand with Crown Relocations. Watch Noah’s video here!

Moving to New Zealand with Crown Relocations Malaysia

Relocating your home is much more than just the shipment of your items from one place to another, and that there are many other things that need to be considered to ensure a successful relocation. That is why planning an international move is not something you should do on your own, the complexity of the process is painstakingly stressful. This is where Crown Relocation comes in. 
Crown Relocation is the best place to plan your move from start to finish. Our team of experienced international moving professionals will help you get off on the right track. Our aim is to help take the stress off moving by providing you with all the information and services you’ll need for your next journey.

Not only that we offer physical relocation of your household goods and removal service , we also provide a range of comprehensive service that can kick start with your immigration process and end with a successful settlement into your new home in New Zealand, and even finding potential schools for your children.

We provide you with a few options for moving your personal belongings: 

  • Crown Groupage, a shared container service to support customers with smaller volumes to move. It provides you a more economical service by consolidating your goods with other customers into one shipping container. It is a more cost-efficient option as you only pay for the amount of space you use. 

  • For essential items which you need them daily, we provide air-freight service. This the quickest method of international transportation.

  •  If you have full house loads, single-use shipping containers are most often used, and this is the most cost effective and time efficient shipping method for international relocations.