Election time: better fleeing abroad!

"If X wins in the elections, better fleeing abroad". Here is the phrase that we are hearing more and more often in the climate of elections. A catchphrase that recurs at every electoral round, and also the next elections on 25 September are no exception.

But are there those who really act and then move abroad?

Of course, in almost all cases it is a simple joke, but would it really be that simple to leave Italy and change your life in another country? How to fit in, considering the cultural and linguistic differences?

According to the latest EF report, Italy ranks 35th worldwide for knowledge of English, with an average level of competence. And let’s not talk about other languages… And then, where to go?

From bureaucratic assistance and in finding a home, to language and culture courses, to promote integration. There are so many things to think about if you really want to change your life!
Doing it yourself seems almost a titanic undertaking, and it is often the reason why you then decide to give up and stay in your comfort zone.

But you are not alone: ​​Crown Relocations is always by your side, and if after this election you decide to move abroad (hopefully not really because of the election), we will be by your side to assist you with your family in all your needs.

Which are the easiest countries in which to seek fortune abroad

Language and work visa difficulties can be a big pre-departure block. According to our reports, however, if you want a change of scenery but don't know where you could go, the countries that in recent years have attracted more expats from the beautiful country are the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, full of job offers especially for figures. specialists and workforce in the catering sector.

We will discuss in detail how to move to each of these countries in the next articles, but if these are the destinations you want, contact us now to find out how you can go about making your dream of living in one of these countries come true.

Where to live abroad by founding a Startup

According to Forbes, the United States and the United Kingdom, together with Australia, are the best countries in which to start a startup, taking into account the initial costs, which often discourage entrepreneurship in our country. If, on the other hand, it is taxation, a hot topic on the table of the upcoming elections, that worries the European countries where the tax burden is lower are Ireland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Canary Islands. On a global level, however, the best solution is the United Arab Emirates. 

Where to go abroad to have more LGBTQ + rights

Another hot topic of the upcoming elections is the civil rights of the LGBTQ + community, with marriages and adoptions at the centre of the debate. Looking at Europe, the most welcoming and inclusive countries are Norway, the Netherlands and Spain. Significant progress is also being made in France, while Canada appears to be an excellent choice globally.

Where to move abroad to be happier

But work, you know, is not everything, you must also take your happiness into account when you decide to take such an important step. For this purpose, the report produced by the United Nations, the World Happiness Report, which takes into consideration as many as 150 countries around the world and evaluates their overall level of happiness, can be useful. Well, data in hand, Finland appears to be the happiest country in the world.

If your priority is still food, maybe you better look to other countries!

Get help from Crown's experts!

Having chosen the destination, how can you completely move your life?

“The first thing to do is certainly to find out if visas and permits are needed to enter the foreign country and what kind. Often juggling bureaucratic issues is not easy, and it is even less so if you do it in a language other than your own. Misunderstanding is often around the corner and, you know, the law does not admit ignorance. This is why we have also activated an assistance service of this type, which has recently been requested more and more often. - Comments Francisco Schenone, Crown Country Manager for Italy - The second step to take, then, is to look for a new home.

Here, often, we go to touch a sore point. In Italy we are used to giving great importance to spaces intended for conviviality, such as the dining room. Here there is the tradition of gathering around a table, and being able to invite friends or relatives for lunch or dinner is something decisive in choosing the apartment. Abroad, however, often the houses have a different management of spaces, and they do not always correspond to what we are used to seeing in Italy. In some countries, for example, they often develop vertically on several floors, or carpet is used a lot on the floor. All things today are inconceivable in Italy. For this reason, having the opportunity to visit the property before taking it is important to avoid disappointment ".

Crown Relocations, in addition to moving the client's assets, assists him in finding the perfect home based on lifestyle and budget, going to see the houses that seem to best meet the needs, negotiating on the price on behalf of the client and providing assistance. during the rental or purchase negotiation.

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 If yours is not just election stress and you are seriously thinking of moving abroad but you do not know how to move about it, book your consultation with us now, we will be happy to advise you which are the most appropriate destinations for you based on your lifestyle and the needs of you and your family. We also provide online consultations! 
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