Relocating Artwork

Do you have artwork that you need to take with you as you embark on your relocation? We're here to help.

Four things to consider when moving with artwork

With literal, emotional and (often) historical value, art demands unparalleled care during relocation. But if you’re moving overseas with your collection, or even just one precious piece, how can you make completely sure that your artwork is going to be cared for, protected, and installed correctly at your new home? 

That’s where Crown Fine Art comes in. Working directly in tandem with our Relocations specialists, our Fine Art division has a storied history in taking care of artwork for some of the most demanding of clients ranging from museums, galleries, auction houses and private collectors.

Here are four of the most important things when considering moving art overseas. 

1. Packing and Crating

Each artwork requires specialized packing. Our in-house specialists craft a solution tailored to the artwork’s needs and journey specifications. This solution ranges from crates that are constructed from fumigated wood and providing protection from shock, vibration, and changes in climate to the use of conservation grade materials to protect against off-gassing

We also ensure crating is durable and rigorous enough to survive long sea or air-freight journeys without any wear or tear, and recognize that each item you have requires its own specialized treatment. 
shipping art internationally

2. Navigating customs and legalities

International shipments often come with a maze of legalities and paperwork. Many people, when moving to a new home, often find their precious belongings held up at the border long after they have arrived. Understandably when these hold ups include art shipments, the stress and worry only increases. 

This is where the synergy between our Relocations and Fine Art team fully expresses itself: Our crating and packaging, when shipping art internationally, comply fully with international standards and our expert Move Managers can ensure that customs officials are notified well in advance, the appropriate forms have already been filed and something like a valuable painting isn’t held up for lack of documentation or custom declaration!

3. Transportation

Transportation is perhaps the most important part of this equation. Whether transit by road, sea, air or all three, we have both our own road fleet with coverage across all major expatriate destinations, as well as partner arrangements to ensure the most efficient, safest method of transport is used, whether it’s using our European art shuttle service, or moving art from London to a new home in Hong Kong. 

When moving artwork, consider a shipping company that can provide solutions for all the following methods of transport for art shipping: 
  • Road Freight: Our fleet is specially equipped to deal with the most precious and fragile art pieces. Trucks boasting air suspension, climate control, and a comprehensive track-and-trace system can brave harsh weather conditions all over the world. An added emphasis on eco-friendly selections reinforces our company’s broader commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Air Freight: When air becomes the mode of transport, artworks receive white-glove care. From palletization to aircraft loading, supervisors ensure artworks are always in safe hands. In instances where artworks are hand-carried, couriers receive assistance through every stage, even customs.

  • Sea Freight: Larger artworks and collections often find their journey via the sea. Temperature-controlled containers guarantee the art remains untouched by external threats.

  • Dedicated Shipments: These are designed to offer extra layers of security and safety. This service provides clients with enhanced control, fewer handling stages, and efficient capacity utilization.

4. Technical know-how

These are the people who are going to be crating, transporting,  packing and shipping your artwork. Their training and professionalism are paramount to the safety of the piece or overall value of the artwork collection, so you’ll want to make certain whoever you’re working with has some professional pedigree in this area. Since we work so closely with some of the biggest institutions in the art world, our staff's professionalism and level of expertise, as well as their personal interest in art itself gives us an advantage over others when it comes to moving invaluable art. 

James Campbell, Head of Crown Fine Art UAE reinforces the importance of expertise: 

“We’ve been moving valuable artwork for many years. Ultimately, our ability to do this is only as good as the people we have on the ground. Most of our technicians have backgrounds in fields like art restoration or gallery management, so they come from a position of genuinely loving what it is they’re moving, storing, and installing. That level of emotional service really can’t be beaten.”

More about Crown Fine Art

Crown Fine Art supports some of the world’s finest galleries, auction houses and museums, we feel offering these exceptional services to those looking to relocate with their artwork is just one of the things that sets us apart. 

By marrying traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology, we balance quality, security, efficiency, and value. Integral to this offering is the unwavering commitment to discretion, ensuring that your privacy remains rigorously protected.

Moving overseas and want to move treasured artwork? Get in touch with one of our experts today about your requirements and we’ll start planning how to get it to your new home as safely as possible.