International Citizens Insurance

Made up of experts in the field of global insurance and trained to meet the specific needs of expats, nomads, and international citizens living or traveling abroad.
 A premier international insurance provider who provides the guidance you need when selecting insurance. International Citizens Insurance gives an extra layer of service by primarily focusing on YOUR needs -  all at no cost to you! 
International Citizens Insurance ( is owned and operated by International Citizens Group, Inc (ICG), located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company is operated by licensed international insurance agents, this Crown Relocation recommended partner is ideally placed to assist you with your international insurance needs no matter where you are located around the world.

Work with experts in the field of global insurance who are trained to meet the specific needs of expats, nomads, and international citizens living or traveling abroad. The personal service combined with an online business model that can allow for real-time answers, online applications, all enhanced by the International Citizens Insurance email, text, and telephone support that responds in 24 hours or less to all of your questions.

Global Health Insurance Plans for Work, Life, or Travel Abroad

In addition to partnering with the leading insurance companies, this Crown Relocations recommended partner offers the most comprehensive array of travel, medical, and specialty insurance plans for the international traveler, expat, or the global nomad.

The expert agents at International Citizens Insurance will help research all of your options and make sure your questions are answered. Your dedicated agent will take the time to review policy descriptions, inclusions, and benefits to ensure you are getting the product and benefits for your specific needs.

The Best Global Health Insurance Providers

When planning your move abroad, finding the best international health insurance should be at the top of your list of priorities. With International Citizens Insurance you will find some excellent options from which to choose from. Many of these health insurers are very affordable, especially when compared to options in the United States.
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International Private Medical Insurance – IPMI

When planning to live overseas for extended periods, you must consider investing in a high-quality international health insurance plan to cover any medical needs. An IPMI can be your lifeline in case something happens while you are abroad, and you need to seek global medical treatment. For most countries, insurance plans may also be part of the requirements to get a visa and show proof you have adequate health coverage.

The global medical insurance plans, that you can find on International Citizens Insurance are ideal for expatriates, nomads, and international citizens who are abroad for the majority of their time each year.
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