Planning to Move and Store Your Furniture? Here Are the Things You Should Know

When it comes to moving, among the first things you think about is how do you move all the stuff you have? You might have thought to sell it off - which itself is a hassle - or you might think to store it with a family member, but then again, if you have too much furniture, it might not be an option as well. 

While some may avoid moving any furniture at all, you will still need to find a space to store your furniture too.  So, here are some things you should know when it comes to moving and storing your furniture. 

Furniture storage service: find a furniture storage facility 

Thankfully, there is a furniture storage facility that offers a space to store anything you want, including bulky items such as furniture. At Crown Relocations, we offer furniture storage service, where you can store your bulky items at your current country, and at your destination country as well. 

In fact, we have over 200 state-of-the-art warehouses across 60 countries that are built to a high specification to guard against fire, pests, water, and theft. These storage facilities are also climate controlled, gated, and backed up with 24-hour patrol staff. Additionally, we have both short and long-term options for storage. 

Furniture moving and storage: mark everything down 

When it comes to moving, the timeline depends on your plans - some may need to vacate their home before they fly out, while others may need to store their furniture temporarily before they find a permanent address in their new destination. 

Hence, while small items such as your little knick-knacks that fit in conventional boxes are easy to store, it is furniture such as sofas, television sets or even, a dining table, that will require a larger storage space. But before you start to think about furniture moving and storage, make sure you go around your home and mark down all the items that are moving with you, as well as those you need to store here.  

Packing up: protect and label your items well 

Packing up is no easy task. Fragile items need extra protection such as bubble wrap and layers of wrapping, while other furniture might need a bit of dismantling. You will also need to label your boxes strategically so that you don’t have to open every box when you want to find an item later on. Nevertheless, packing can be one of the most stressful parts of moving. 
This is why many opt for a service that specialises in packing. As part of Crown Relocations’ services, we do offer packing services and a furniture storage facility as well. Rest assured, our crew on our packing teams are known for their skills within the technical factors of packing, as well as their courtesy when visiting your home. 

We also use specialized packing materials to make sure your items are properly taken care of.  To top it off, we make sure to label every packed item and each item is numbered to match with the packing inventory - we even use a colour coding system to ensure you know which package goes into each room. 

Use Crown Relocations for easy furniture moving and storage 

As we have mentioned above, Crown Relocations has services for both furniture moving and storage. There will also be a dedicated move manager who will help you every step of the way to ensure your furniture moving and storage is handled appropriately. 

The move manager will also advise, support, and update you at every step, from pre-move planning to settling into the new home. Additionally, we host virtual consultations and connect with you in a live video chat. Here, you can show us the items you want to move and everything you need, before we get a customised proposal just for you. 
Our in-home consultations also help you sort out through your items and discuss your requirements on your moving plans. 

Meanwhile, the other services we offer include: 

  • Home Search: Using market knowledge, our experienced consultants will shortlist suitable properties that match your preferences. 
  • Immigration services: We will offer personalised advice as we help you with your applications. 
  • Preview and orientation trips: We will give you a full rundown on the areas to live, transportation, schooling, healthcare and security, among other needs. 
  • School search: We will provide local advice on schooling for kids of every age including day care and preschools. 
  • Transit protection: We offer comprehensive transit protection with policies that offer full replacement cost coverage on all risks. 
  • Destination settling in: On arrival, we will give you a range of settling-in services to help you settle into your new home. 
  • Intercultural training: Intercultural training helps families settle into their new location more smoothly. Having better cultural awareness both at, and outside of work helps to reduce the impact of adjusting to day-to-day life.
  • International relocations: From door to door, we take care of all the handling, transporting and storing of your personal belongings to the highest standard.
  • Pet relocation services: Our relocation services are made simpler for you and your pet as we help you settle their move abroad. 

So, get a quotation here now as we are ready to assist! 
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