Kia Ora! Moving to New Zealand, "The Land of the Long White Cloud"!

11-year-old Noah has recently moved to New Zealand with his family, leaving behind his friends and the familiarity of his current home. For some, the emotional and cultural challenges of entering unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming. Noah and his mother Akiyo share with us their move preparations to New Zealand with Crown Relocations. 

Video Transcription

My name's Noah and I'm 11 years old. There's three people in my family, me, my mum. Her name's Akio and she's from Japan. My dad, he's from England and I have a pet dog named Arthur. I usually wake up about at six.
I watch a bit of TV and then I work out. After breakfast I get ready for school. I do football, athletics, swimming, water polo. This is a certificate I got for it. I went to the Barcelona Academy football. I was really happy because I heard New Zealand's really good at sports. 
My name is Akio. I'm from Japan. I met my husband in Tokyo and then we moved to Korea. We got married and then we went to Thailand and then moved to Kuala Lumpur. A bit nervous because we've never been to New Zealand.
So we have no idea what to waiting for us. But I told my friends and then every single person, oh, New Zealand will be a beautiful place and it would be good for you. Lots of outdoors. So we're half and half nervous and excited.
It's going to be a big, big, big change for me. I never lived outside of Asia. But New Zealand may be good for my son and my dog. This is our first dog. We never had a dog before. And this is the first relocation with dogs.
And we didn't know what we had to. So it's really challenging. Before moving, maybe you can ask your friends to introduce some friends who already live there and get the information where is the best place to live.
And any community do the decluttering. Danshari. Japanese Danshari. But don't have any farewell party day before packing. I am. It would be great to looking forward to it.