Thinking of moving? Here are some packing tips to ease your stress

There’s a big difference between packing for a vacation and preparing for a big move. Many expats relocate each year and find the packing process to be the most stressful part of the move. If you are thinking of moving, we’ve got tips for you to get organized.
  1. Before you pack consider how big the move is – is it temporary or permanent? Are you moving alone or with your family? Moving into an apartment is a different experience than moving into a four-bedroom house.  If the move is temporary you may want to place your furniture in storage, or perhaps auction it off.  Outline exactly what will be involved, in terms of quantity and size of belongings and furnishings to determine what you need to take.
  2. Packing alone can be exhausting, both mentally and physically and it will cost more than you think, don’t forget the cost of supplies (boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, rope). Packing large items can be extremely difficult and often requires specialist knowledge to prevent damage – this is why many people hire professional movers. Professional movers have vast experience of all types of moves and scenarios and can work quickly.  They will also provide all of the packing materials needed. 
  3. Consider the timing of the move when you hire professional movers. Moving company rates tend to be higher at the beginning and end of the month, when most leases are up, and on weekends. If you can take a day or two off midweek or midmonth, your wallet will benefit.
  4. Take time to ensure your house is in a more mover-friendly state (unplug appliances, roll up rugs, disassemble anything you can), shaves off time and therefore saves you on the hourly rate. Clearing out your junk one month prior to moving day – this will help the packing to take place without any confusion. 
Good luck and Bon Voyage!