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    It's like traveling, but with better accommodation

    Thanks to the Internet, finding a job abroad may be easier than ever before. There are dozens of web sites that list overseas jobs by country, industry, specific job titles or skills.

    You can also check expat community sites for job information and possible leads. Often, these sites include forums where you can post questions and get advice from others who have successfully done what you are trying to do. Crown can direct you to industry resources and valuable links that may be helpful in finding the right job.

    Depending on the kind of work you are looking for, you may find your skills are in high demand in some countries but not nearly as valued in others. You may need to be flexible in your requirements in order to land a job in the country of your dreams.

    While you are looking, keep several things in mind. Do you speak the language of your new country fluently, or will you have to learn it? How do salaries and benefits compare? What special requirements, such as a work permit or employment contract, will you need in order to work there?