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    Get organized - sort the details early and you'll be more relaxed when you arrive

    If you’re moving for a new job, you’re already ahead of the game. You’ll have income right away, and co-workers to help you get settled in. To ensure a smooth transition, you may need to consider terminating your lease or selling your home. If your move is international, make sure you have any legal issues resolved that may affect your employment, such as work visas, employment contracts and tax requirements. It’s a good idea to make a preview trip before moving.

    Legal holidays, vacation time and benefits vary from state to state and country to country, so know what to expect before you go. If you are transferring with your current company, your human resources office should be able to handle much of this for you. Working for a new company? Get in touch with their human resources department and have a list of questions ready. They may also be able to provide relocation assistance or tips regarding housing, transportation, and more.

    Your new employer could help with your relocation expenses

    Do your research. How does the cost of living compare with what you are used to? Will your salary enable you to maintain or increase your standard of living?

    Also, think ahead a bit. How long are you planning to be at your new location? One year? Five years? If this job doesn’t work out, will you be able to work someplace else, or will you return home?

    Are your relocation costs covered by your new employer or are you expected to organize the move yourself? Get in touch with Crown and we can help you get everything arranged.