Six to 12 months

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    Plan a visit before you commit to big decisions

    By now your visa applications should be well underway and you’re deciding where to settle in your new country. You can do in-depth research on-line both for factual information such as housing, school and medical care, as well as glean subjective opinions and recommendations from current and former residents. There are also many helpful websites especially for expats.

    If you can, it’s a great idea to plan a visit to your new country and spend a week or two getting to know the cities, housing, culture and lifestyle. The more you know first-hand about your destination, the more comfortable you’ll feel as you make plans to relocate.

    A Crown Relocations expert can be invaluable in helping you find the right home and neighborhood for your needs. Particularly consider special needs such as medical care. If you or your family members have chronic medical conditions or need specialized care, talk to your current physicians about finding suitable support. Also determine how your health insurance will cover your care abroad, and if you need to make changes or take out new coverage.

    If you have school-age children, this will also influence where you call home. Start researching options on-line and through personal recommendations from friends or business associates. Also consider the availability of appropriate extra-curricular activities for your children. The sooner they can make new friends and have fun, the easier their transition will be.

    Now is a good time to take inventory of your home and personal belongings, and decide what’s going and what is not. Have a garage sale, donate unwanted items to charity or store them. Once you’ve finalized the list, get in touch with us to get an estimate of the time and cost of your move, and go over the details.