Will I need to drive my own vehicle to conduct my everyday life (work/school/shopping) at my destination?
It is not necessary, but may be more comfortable. The public transportation system is otherwise very good.
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How can I legally drive a vehicle in this city?
Many of the rules on Luxembourg roads are the same as those in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

  • Minimum age for driving a car is 18.
  • The driver must have a valid driver's license.
  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Mobile phones may only be used hands-free while driving.

EEA Driving Licenses
Driving licenses issued by EEA-member states are valid in Luxembourg; however, the license must be registered with the Ministry of Transport. A certificate of residence must be provided (and where temporary accommodation has been used in more than one commune before registration, a certificate of residence of each commune has to be provided).

Non-EEA Driving Licenses
A non-EEA country driving license must be exchanged for a Luxembourg one within one year of taking residency in Luxembourg, but no earlier than 185 days after arrival. To request a license exchange: Complete the application form, which can be downloaded, and provide the following documents:

  • Form Demande en obtention d’un permis de conduire.
  • Recent ID photograph 45 x 35 mm
  • Medical certificate no more than three months old, issued by a doctor licensed to practice in Luxembourg
  • Certificate of residence (certificat de résidence) no more than one month old, issued from the municipality office (commune)
  • Copy of the affidavit (extrait de casier judiciaire) issued by the police or from the country of origin if residency period in Luxembourg is less than five years
  • Photocopy of both sides of the foreign license 
  • Photocopy of valid photo ID
  • Tax stamp (Timbre de Chancellerie), available from the SNCT or the Administration de l'enregistrement et des domaines

The license will be exchanged for one in an equivalent category and the original license is sent back to the issuing country by the SNCT

Car Insurance
The cost of vehicle insurance varies from one insurance company to another. Other factors to take into account include:

  • make and model of the vehicle, its power and its age and, occasionally, its color
  • driving history and age of the driver(s); some companies have differing premiums according to gender and place of residence of the driver
  • whether the car is parked off-street or in a private garage

Only residents of Luxembourg can take out vehicle insurance in Luxembourg.
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What side of the road do people drive on?
Right side.
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Describe typical public transportation an expat might use to get around the city.
Bus or train can be used.
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Could an expat also use public transportation to get out of the city—to surrounding towns, recreation areas or suburbs? If so, list options.
Yes. Information on Luxembourg public transport can be found by calling 24 89 24 89.
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In regards to transportation, are there any safety issues I should be aware of?
In the metro, there is a warning sound before the doors close. It is dangerous to get on or off during this time. The doors of the metro do not open automatically. One has to pull the handle to open the doors. This can only be done once the metro is standing still at a station and there is a green light.
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Where do I buy tickets/tokens/etc. for the major public transportation?
CFL (Luxembourg public transportation company) has a number of different tickets and passes. CFL phone: 24 89 84 89

  • Long-term ticket (billet longue durée): Unlimited travel in second class (upgradeable to first class) on the public transport network within Luxembourg. From the moment the ticket is validated for the first time, it can be used until 8:00 a.m. the following day. Booklets of five long-term tickets are available at a reduced price.
  • Short-term ticket (billet courte durée): Valid for two hours in second class (can upgrade to first class) on the public transport network within Luxembourg. Booklets of ten long-term tickets are available at a reduced price.
  • Weekend ticket (billet weekend): Unlimited travel on the weekend and public holidays. From the moment the ticket is validated for the first time, it can be used until 3:00 a.m. the following day.
  • Monthly or annual season tickets can be purchased for frequent travelers, large families, those over 60 years old and people under 20 years old.

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Crown Relocations has made every effort to present accurate information. However, regulations, rates and other variables are subject to change and Crown Relocations cannot accept responsibility for the errors that might result. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your local Crown representative.