Getting to know our team: Dermott Winder

We spoke to our Sales Consultant, Dermott Winder about his experience working for Crown Relocations and his top tips to help you plan your next international move.   

Tell us how you support customers during their move?

Being able to offer real time advice in the current fluctuating global environment is really important. People come to us for guidance, so providing hints and tips which competitors can’t offer helps us stand out in the market.

What do customers forget about when planning their move?

It’s usually the little things which have been left to the last minute which end up causing problems. Things like remembering to close or move your bank account, notifying the local council you are moving and cancelling utilities. But we can guide them through it all. In terms of packing, it’s easy to forget to take batteries out of appliances or printer ink out of printers. Or to forget that it’s advisable to carry hard copies of documents needed on arrival, even if you have digital versions on your phone.

How does being part of a global Crown network make a difference to you in your role?

Having a global network of colleagues to reach out to for advice on regulations and restrictions in different destinations across the world is a huge benefit – both for myself and for potential clients. Often I can get a response to a query within an hour or two and relay it straight back to the client. They feel really assured to be working with a truly global company.

What has been your favourite relocation to support?

Anything out of the norm is interesting. I once helped a client who had life-sized models of animals in their garden, which included an elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, water buffalo and crocodile. A bit unusual!

Where is the most challenging destination for a relocation?

Having been in the industry for nearly 30 years there are countless moves I can think of However, as an example, people relocating to Venice has always been interesting. There are no roads so everything, including household items, have to be transported by barge. That makes it challenging - not just for the relocation company but for the client, too. Canals and waterways have to be closed off, with at least three barges needed for most moves – and an external elevator is also usually required to get items into the property. Then you have to think about things like tides and waterway traffic before planning it all.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Anything that's not too strenuous – like darts, snooker, magnet fishing or reading. But most of my time outside of work involves spending time with my family. You’ll normally find me ferrying my daughter to Irish dance festivals or taking long walks with my dog. 

If you ever chose to move away from the UK, what would be your dream city to relocate to?

That’s easy. It would 100% have to be New York. The atmosphere of Manhattan is amazing, it’s not like any other major city. Also, New Yorkers don't take any prisoners - they say what they mean - which I like!