Getting to know our team: Jacob Dolan

We spoke to our London Sales Centre Manager, Jacob Dolan about his experience working for Crown Relocations and his top tips to help you plan your next international move.   

How long have you been working for Crown Relocations?

I started working for Crown Relocations in May 2017, so just over four years at the time of writing. 

Tell us about your career journey with Crown

I originally joined Crown to learn more about the customer service element of relocations, as well as expand my knowledge in the intricacies of moving abroad. After a year I transitioned into an operations-based role, working closely with the sales team to expand the company’s shared container service offering (where customers share containers with other customers, paying only for the volume they need).
I was made Team Leader of sales in 2020, a challenge I embraced and learnt a lot from, and then Sales Centre Manager in 2021. Sales has always been my passion and it is really exciting to be part of this fast-growing and evolving department.

What has been the highlight of your time at Crown so far?

We have had some great highlights here at Crown over the past year and achieved some amazing things, such as moving Amir Khan and expanding into new countries. However, as a massive rugby fan my favourite moments have been moving some of the players who featured in the PRO14 annual rugby union competition.

In your experience, are there any common concerns people have when they’re planning a move? How do you reassure them and resolve these issues?

The most common customer concerns usually relate to moving times or keeping their items safe during transit. We reassure them, drawing on our long experience and wide range of services to make the move as simple and as stress-free as possible.

What is your top tip for those planning their next international move, how can they make it as stress free as possible?

Moving between countries can be a long process and does not all need to be done at once. Take it one stage at a time and give yourself ample time to plan in order to reduce stress levels.

When it comes to Brexit, what advice do you have for people thinking of moving to Europe and how will you support these aspirations? 

There is now no VAT on moves outside of the UK, so the cost is automatically four-fifths of the price, which is a positive. However, be sure to read up on the destination country’s importations rules, as they may have changed. Also, complete any required paperwork accurately and efficiently to avoid delays at customs.

Can you share a favourite move you supported and why you enjoyed working on it? 

I always enjoy working on moves to South Africa, it has lots to offer expatriates and I would love to visit one day. Crown also has an office in Johannesburg, with which we work closely to facilitate client moves swiftly, smoothly and seamlessly.

What has been the most challenging move you supported and how did you overcome these challenges?

Generally speaking, moving can be very tough and draining on people, which I have seen many times with our clients. I would always recommend using a moving company, especially if you are prone to stress.
At Crown we listen carefully to your requirements and tailor a specific package to suit, then assist you through the whole process to keep things as calm as possible.

Have you moved anything unusual or unique?

I have over ten years of experience in the relocations industry and over this time there isn’t much I haven’t been asked to move. The most unusual though must be a family of taxidermy badgers, all in different costumes! 

You recently moved yourself, what advice would you give to first-time movers?

Yes, I completed a domestic move not long ago. My advice is to remember to breathe now and again! Moving to a new house is often named as one of the top five most stressful experiences, when really it should be an exciting one! Relax and enjoy the process. Also, create a ‘priorities box’ before you leave containing all the creature comforts you will need as soon as you start to unpack. These could include the TV remote, kettle, toothbrushes and mugs.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a keen sportsman and love to play rugby at the weekends. I have also just started to learn to play golf, much to my fiancé’s amusement! I am an enthusiastic cook and love to have people over for a BBQ, when the British weather allows!