Getting to know our team: Adam Brown

We spoke to our Sales Consultant, Adam Brown about his experience working for Crown Relocations and his top tips to help you plan your next international move.    

Can you tell us a little about what your role entails?

I am a Sales Consultant for Crown Relocations, what that entails is dealing directly with our customers. I am the first point of contact when a new customer is enquiring about using our services. 

Can you tell us about one of the most memorable moves you supported?

One of my most memorable moves was with one of my first customers at Crown. It was a great learning experience on the best way to support Crown Relocations customers. Happy to say the customer has since booked two moves that I could support. Delivering the end result my customers want really makes the job fulfilling. 

Tell us about an unusual relocation request and how you made it happen?

One that sticks out to me is a customer who was planning to move to Zimbabwe. There were many moving parts to the move including picking items up from his home and a storage facility. We also added to his shipment several newly bought items, it's not something we often asked to do we were able to accommodate his request. 

What is a common worry you see from customers and what advice would you give?

A common worry I hear from customers is around the topic of shipment volume. Pre moving day, a typical worry is around what will happen if they reduce or increase the volume of their shipment. My advice is always, if the goods are coming back to our warehouse then our crew will weigh and measure the goods. Once this is done if there are any changes in the volume then the price will be adjusted accordingly.

What is your top tip for those planning their next international move, how can they make it as stress free as possible?

My number one piece of advice is to know exactly what you plan on taking with you in advance. When it comes to discussing volume and talking through with a sales consultant during your virtual consultation it’ll be a much smoother process. 

What is your advice on how to settle into a new culture?

Integrate yourself as much as possible! There is much more life and happiness in getting out there an exploring. In short; don’t stay where you are comfortable, get out there and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you could plan your own international move, where would you go?

New Zealand has always been my top choice! I love being out in nature and the scenery there looks beautiful. Another plus is they have good ski resorts. Just up my ally.