Getting to know our team: Jorn Sveen

We spoke to Jorn Sveen, from our Nordic team at Crown Relocations about his experience working for Crown and his top tips to help you plan your next international move. 

How long have you been with Crown? Can you tell us more about your role?

I’ve been working at Crown for almost ten years now, I joined in 2013 and have built up a lot of experience during my time here. I’m based in Oslo, Norway and cover all the Nordic countries, helping to grow the business and look after clients.”

What’s the most common question clients ask you?

There are quite a few questions that I get asked, but the two I would pick out are: “How much does it cost to move?” and “How long time does it take?” As with any question I get asked by clients, clear communication is key. 

We provide a detailed quote for a customers’ move following a survey once we have assessed the volume needed and materials we should provide. As for the time it takes, this does vary depending on the mode of transport, (shipping by sea, air or road) and the available dates we have. 

My advice is to share any time-frames for when you would like your items delivered well in advance. We will always try to accommodate. 

What’s the most common mistake clients make when it comes to moving abroad?

There is no simple answer to this because it depends on the situation – especially whether the move is private or corporate. On many occasions it’s all about the preparation.

What would be your number one tip for anyone preparing to live and work abroad?

Research ahead of time, having basic knowledge of the area and culture is everything, so make sure you are fully informed. Be prepared for different cultures and different styles of communication - even if you’re only moving to a neighbouring country.” And that is usually my number 1 tip to all clients in which I help move.

What is the most unusual move you have supported?

During my time at crown I’ve had to utilise all kinds of transport methods to relocate clients - from boats to prams, donkeys, helicopters and snowmobiles! But sometimes the moves when people are moving back ‘home’ after a spell abroad are also difficult emotionally. They are sometimes moving back for sad rather than happy reasons and they need a different level of support and understanding.

What’s the moment in your Crown career that has made you the proudest?

Every move I have secured based on a customer’s trust in me fills me with pride. 

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would say I’m happy with my two countries as it is! But if I was to move anywhere in the world, it would be to a country where I speak the language. Communication is so important.