Yangon Visas & Permits

As a foreign resident, what is my status in your country?
As an expatriate, you will be given a stay permit, which has to be extended regularly. This will be supported by your company.
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What kinds of visas are available?

  • Tourist - up to 28 days for any tourist
  • Business - up to 10 weeks for those who have business interests in Myanmar
  • Social visit - up to three months for people who have relatives in Myanmar
  • Meditation - up to six weeks for people who want to attend one of the many meditation centers

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What is required to obtain these visas?
Tourist visas can be obtained at the Embassy of Myanmar or through your travel agent. Work permits will need to be supported by your company. As soon as you arrive, you will need to register with the authorities.
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Are spouses permitted and/or likely to find work?
Officially, no. An expat must have a work permit to work in Myanmar.
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What are the main forms of identification and how does a newcomer obtain them?
Your passport is used as the main form of identification.
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Are there any other important permits I must obtain, or places where I must register right away?
If you have a shipment coming into Myanmar, you will need to apply for an import permit. Contact Crown Yangon for details.
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What items should I avoid bringing into the country?
Do not bring mobile phones, weapons, the local currency, any clothing with the Buddha image, the Burmese flag. Also, avoid bringing any politically sensitive literature.
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Is there anything else I should know about entering and remaining in the country legally?
You must enter from a designated point of entry if you enter Myanmar via land routes. A valid visa from a Myanmar embassy abroad is a must.
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Crown Relocations has made every effort to present accurate information. However, regulations, rates and other variables are subject to change and Crown Relocations cannot accept responsibility for the errors that might result. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your local Crown representative.