Czech Republic

With the right mix of tradition and modernity, the Czech Republic has a highly-developed economy and a rich cultural heritage. 

After decades of communism, since 1989, the Czech Republic has evolved into one of Europe’s most dynamic countries without losing its rich and culturally diverse traditions. Open to globalization, it has become one of the most important hubs in Central Europe, especially for the scientific, IT and automobile industries. This has brought an increasing number of foreign nationals to the country, particularlyPrague, home to some of the Czech Republic’s best architecture and one of Europe’s most fascinating capital cities.

The Czech Republic is a diverse and forward-looking country, with a strong folk culture. Bohemia and Moravia have the areas with the strongest regional cultures. Bohemia is a flat area, with low mountains and plains, while Moravia, in the east of the country, is much more hilly.