Destination settling in

On arrival, we offer a range of settling-in services to help make your house a 'home' and allow you to start life in your new location.

Moving in and getting organized

On arrival, we offer a range of settling-in services to make the process of setting up a property as simple as possible during those overwhelming first weeks.

Setting up home

With our destination settling in services we’ll take care of organising basic utilities, advising on banking, driving licenses, insurance services and local registrations.

Orientation service

Particularly helpful for families, our settling in orientation service helps everyone get to know their new neighbourhood. Similar to a preview trip, orientation takes into account the many immediate questions that arriving in a new place can create.

Preparation is everything, but there will always be surprises. If you need support, we’ll be there. 


Embrace a new life in Philippines with the comprehensive settle-in relocation service

Embrace an extraordinary journey to a vibrant new life in Philippines with Crown Relocations' exquisite settle-in service. Our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless transition, from finding your dream home to navigating education, transportation, and utilities. With our step-by-step settling-in process, bid farewell to stress and embrace unforgettable memories. Discover seamless relocation with Crown Relocations - contact us today and unlock endless possibilities in Philippines. 

Home search: accommodation assistance

Find your ideal living space in Singapore with Crown Relocations' accommodation assistance. Our experts will guide you through the process of finding suitable housing options that meet your needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and convenient home for you and your family. 

School search: education guidance

Ensure a smooth transition for you and your family with our education guidance. We provide valuable information and connections to reputable schools in Philippine, ensuring access to quality education for a seamless integration for your children.

Local transportation and utilities

Our step-by-step guide eases the challenges of navigating transportation and utilities in Philippines. Beyond our core services, we are committed to go the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition of your move. Whether you need a rental car for your stay here in Philippines or require airport pickup, we’ll make the necessary arrangements to make your experience hassle-free.
Additionally, we offer assistance in connecting you with reliable utility providers for electricity, water and internet setup. 

Preview trip

Embarking on a preview trip prior to your relocation offers a comprehensive orientation of your new destination, encompassing crucial aspects such as residential areas, transportation options, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and safety measure. 

Temporary accommodation

To cater to the unique accommodation requirement of each assignee, Crown Relocations collaborates closely with them to identify their specific needs. Subsequently, we take charge of making all necessary arrangements for booking short-term services apartments, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

Tenancy management

Crown Relocations specializes in tenancy management for expats, ensuring a smooth relocation process. We understand the challenges of finding the perfect home and handle every detail meticulously. With our expertise in serving international tenants, we deliver a stress-free experience, meeting their unique need with professionalism and reliability. 

Unveiling the advantages of settling-in services with ease

Experience the unparalleled advantages of Crown Relocations' settling-in services. After a relocation, settling in is crucial for a successful transition. It involves familiarizing yourself with the local culture, finding suitable accommodation, accessing essential services, and establishing a sense of belonging. With our comprehensive support, streamlined processes, and expert guidance, we ensure your settling-in journey is smooth and hassle-free. Trust Crown Relocations for a seamless transition to your new life. 

Contact Crown Relocations for professional advice on settling-in service

At Crown Relocations, our unique selling proposition lies in our commitment to providing unparalleled professional advice for your settling-in needs. Don't just take our word for it – read the inspiring testimonials of our satisfied clients who have experienced successful relocations.

Contact us now for further information and discover the exceptional services that set Crown Relocations apart. Trust us to make your settling-in process a breeze.