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    Guess what? Doing your homework helps...

    Studying abroad has become increasingly popular in recent years. It's an excellent opportunity to experience a new culture and broaden your horizons while continuing your education. Moreover, many potential employers are impressed by foreign study, and if you learn a new language while overseas, that’s another bonus.

    Many colleges and universities have formal study abroad programs, so that is the best place to start. Your tuition, housing and fees will usually be included as part of your overall educational expense, and most schools will help their overseas students find accommodation.

    If you plan to enroll on your own in an overseas program, do plenty of research first. Find out what your intended institution or program requires from foreign students in terms of age restrictions, documentation, previous school records, visas, and so on. Get details about any additional fees or taxes you may need to pay. Ask if the school or program provides housing or can help you find your own. From preparing for your move to getting settled in, Crown can help you navigate the process.

    Search the Internet for foreign study programs and related websites. Often, these will include recommendations and advice from students who have studied overseas, and can be invaluable in helping you plan your experience.