Getting you started on your journey with a virtual consultation

How technology has helped make relocating simpler for thousands of our customers
Do you want to start planning your international relocation with an accurate quote, without having to have a consultant physically come to your home?

We've been performing virtual consultations since 2011, in that time we've helped thousands of families relocate internationally, all starting with simple video-calling technology. 

What are Virtual Consultations?

Virtual consultations are our quick, easy way of gathering your requirements, using video calling to understand the things you want to take with you when you relocate, as well as access conditions. One of our consultants will call you on an agreed upon date and understand what it is you need to move, we’ll then tailor our quote to those needs and get back with a proposal as soon as we can. 

And of course, if you do need a consultant to come and visit you, we'd only be too happy to accommodate this in a socially distanced, safe way. The option for both is available to you whenever you choose to start planning your journey. 

What a virtual consultation can do for you

  1. Simple and convenient, to get you on the move
  2. Complete video record of all items you’re moving
  3. Flexible to arrange with times that suit you

Video Transcription

It used to be, if you were using a mover, you had to wait. Wait for a callback, wait for an appointment, wait at home, wait to receive an inventory, and then wait for an estimate. Well, here at Crown, we're trying to eliminate the wait.
Virtual consultations are a quick and easy way to arrange for a quotation, whether you're moving across town or across the world. A Crown consultant will walk you through sign -⁠on, and then you will walk them through your home. They will also speak to you about important things you need to know, whether you're moving locally or internationally.
Hi, how are ya? I'm fabulous, how are you? So here we are in the living room where I will be taking this couch along with this love seat and this coffee table and the smaller one. Perfect.
And then also the bookshelf there. All right. Well, that was great. Is that all I have to do? That's it. Oh man, I didn't even have to take any time off from work. I mean, this is great. I love it.
Oh, this was so great. It was super easy. I didn't have to miss work and I really appreciate you fitting me in. And it was a short notice. Ain't no problem. My pleasure. I hope you have a great rest of your day. You too. 

Thanks. Bye. Once the virtual consultation is complete, your consultant will send you a detailed inventory the same day and tailored service proposal within a few days. It's that easy.