PerchPeek Relocations with Crown: the Relocation App that helps anyone, live anywhere.
PerchPeek has one simple goal; helping you find your perfect home in a neighbourhood that you’ll love. 

Recognised in numerous awards as a leader in the relocation and mobility services industry, Perchpeek combines expert relocation support with their end to end home-finding app to take the stress out of moving.

A Crown Relocations Recommended Partner,  PerchPeek’s clients love them, and PerchPeek loves them back! 

How it works?

PerchPeek are here to make your relocation a success, guiding you through your move from start to finish. From finding a home, to scheduling viewings, to settling in, this Crown Recommended Partner has the relocation experts to support you every step of the way.

  • Hunt Like A Local – Swipe through properties all around the world, with expert property and neighbourhood advice.
  • Low-Stress Viewings – Let PerchPeek deal with the agents. All the admin, all the phone calls, PerchPeek has got you covered.
  • Expert Advisory Support – With a free introduction call, a dedicate Relocation Specialist & 24/7 app support, all your questions are answered in one place.
  • Easy Settling In – The app is a one-stop shop with 100s of additional services to cover all requirements, from school-searching to bank accounts to utilities setup.

PerchPeek for Companies

PerchPeek provides better outcomes for your relocating employees. 
For many assignees, finding the right home is the most important aspect of a relocation. The customer focussed app helps them do just this safely, quickly, and happily.

  • Employee experience - A market-leading home search platform that helps assignees find homes that they actually love, in a consistent high-quality experience across 47 countries. The app allows assignees to drive their home search themselves, and can start their search anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 human support to deliver peace of mind.
  • Reporting - Putting the data back into your hands with full mobility overview, where you manage all assignees in one place. Individual employee progress reports keep HR teams up to date with insightful data for your mobility programme.
  • Cost – The PerchPeek service combines expert human support with great technology to drive lower costs for your programme, with the same quality service only at more affordable prices.
  • Innovation - The app is a unique, self-driven way of planning a relocation, that reduces escalations through ongoing support and great visibility of each employee’s activity.
  • Flexibility - A broad range of additional moving services to suit all your assignees, no matter what their needs.
  • Tough Locations - With operations in 47 countries and the ability to cater to more remote destinations, PerchPeek covers a broad range of geographies with the same great experience.
  • Group moves - This Crown Recommended Partner is perfect for expanding businesses and less senior employees, whilst ensuring that every individual still receives an excellent personalised experience.