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The easy way to set up your utilities when moving home
Please Connect Me originated in New Zealand under the brand ‘Fast Connect”, where it has been the market leader for 13 years. After years of making moving easier for thousands of Kiwis, this Crown Recommended Partner identified that the UK market could use a break, and so came over to lend a hand. Since then they've expanded their service into Ireland, and helped tens of thousands of movers settle into their new homes.
They are proud of their New Zealand roots and like to think they bring a small business mindset to a big market opportunity, making sure customers, partners and suppliers receive Please Connect Me attention and respect at all times. 
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How does it work?

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Let Please Connect Me know your new address and a few details about your move
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The Crown Partner will run checks on your property to find your current suppliers and the best deals for you
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Please Connect Me Bills Calculator



Changes to the energy market in the UK mean gas and electricity are more complicated than ever before, and you can take control of your energy bills with Please Connect Me.

This Crown Relocations Recommended Partner does their research to make sure you're registered with the right provider at your new home and will help you submit actual meter readings, so you don’t pay for anyone else’s energy but your own

Broadband and Phone

There are now dozens of suppliers offering phone and internet deals, and it can often be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Please Connect Me does the research so you don’t have to. This Crown Relocations Recommended Partner can tell you exactly what’s available at your property, find the best plans and tell you what’s needed to get you up and running.

This Crown Recommended Partner takes the time to discuss your needs, to ensure you get connected to providers and plans that suit you best. With access to exclusive deals through leading UK suppliers, so letting them do the work for you, can even save you money as well as time.

Pay TV

Changes to the online landscape means there are now more paid television options than ever before. Whether in a bundle with telephone and broadband, or purchased separately online, it’s hard to know which deal is best for you and how much you should be paying.

Connecting with Please Connect Me takes most of the stress out of your decision-making process. Presenting you with the best choices this Recommended Partner has available to you based on your needs and circumstances, to make sure you get the entertainment that you can’t live without!

Council Tax

Registration with your local authority is compulsory and depending on your situation you could be exempt from making payments or be eligible for a discounted rate. The registration process and amount due varies greatly from region to region, and you can quite easily end up on hold for hours attempting to get through to the right department. Don’t be caught out of pocket; let Please Connect Me handle this complicated and confusing process for you as part of your move.


Water is often the forgotten utility. England and Wales have different water supply regulations to Scotland, so it can be difficult to know where to start when getting registered, and the process of billing and payments can prove to be a bit of a headache. Please Connect Me will explain the situation in your area, and make sure to correctly register you with your local supplier.


Home and contents insurance can be a confusing business. Particularly if you’re a tenant – you may not realise that even IF your landlord is insured, it’s very unlikely that their policy will cover your personal property in case of a disaster. Please Connect Me works with a specialist insurance provider, who can help you insure all your precious things.

Other Services

As well as the services outlined above, this Crown Recommended Partner can also help with  House cleaning, Foreign exchange, Expat banking and Credit growing. For more information on the amazing service from these providers, click on the links to the Please Connect Me website.
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Benefits of using Please Connect Me

You’re in Control 

This Crown Recommended Partner works with leading providers across a huge range of services with exclusive prices and promotions, presenting you with the very best options for your exact requirements.

Save Up To 7 Hours

Imagine being able to connect your Energy, broadband, phone and more in one phone call, rather than repeating your details to each company? With Please Connect Me you can. No more wasting hours on hold to call centres – get all your essential services connected in one call.

Save Up To £309 on bills 

 Please Connect Me has access to the best deals on the market. This Recommended Partner will help you find the right one based on your needs. Their customers save on average £309 on utility bills!

Reduce Stress

You’ll get a dedicated Connections Expert to look after your move to start to finish, to help resolve any problems you have along the way. If you ever have a problem with your move, get in touch! Your dedicated friendly Connection Expert will be ready to speak with you.

Connections Experts

Imagine being able to connect your Energy, broadband, phone and more in one phone call, rather than repeating your details to each company? With Please Connect Me, you can.

If you encounter any issues along the way – don’t worry. Your dedicated Connections Expert will handle your case from start to finish, and they’ll do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Everything in one place

Track the status of all your utilities from your Please Connect Me Dashboard. Receive automatic reminders when your plans are due to expire and we’ll make sure you never overpay for your bills. 
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Moving soon? Get all your utilities sorted, for FREE
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