A smart solution for all your utilities contracts and subscriptions and much more.
A smart solution to help you save time on all your utilities  subscriptions and much more. When you move out to a new place, there are thousands of things to do. So why deal with paperwork when Papernest can take care of that for you, and all 100% free?!?

Who are Papernest?

Founded in 2015 in Paris, Papernest is  the leading home move assistant service in Europe and a member of the French Tech 120, which helps everyone in the daily management of contracts and subscriptions for your utilities and more. This Crown Recommended Partner specialises in the procedures related to moving into your new home helping you set up your utilities over a single phone call with their friendly experts. Since 2015, Papernest has  assisted 800,000 users  and have partnered with over 10,000 companies such as global mobility companies, real estate agencies and banks in 5 different European countries.


Wherever you are moving to, you’ll need to update your contracts in your new home. To help you through these stressful times and want take the hassle off your hands, Papernest guides you through choosing the right provider, through to setting up the contract to avoid you wasting your time comparing and contacting different providers individually.




Home Insurance & boiler cover

Other Services*

depending on the country you are moving to, you can ask about specific services such as council tax assistance or mail redirection services.

Why choose Papernest?

You are free to choose utilities based on your needs and individual preferences.  The papernest experts listen to your needs and provide customised assistance with real human guidance. The call is completely flexible, their friendly experts are here to help with what you tell them you need. Not the best time for a call, or need time to think after getting the quote email? No problem, just ask for a callback at a more convenient time. Not sure what kind of meter you have? That’s exactly what they’re here for, guiding you through and explaining anything you’re confused about.
Partners and clients of Papernest have a full understanding of the business models, suppliers and deal offers for you. The Papernest service is 100% free as they are remunerated by service providers, so you can freely choose the contracts that best suit your needs.  Papernest believes all individuals moving home should be given a fair, and good choice over what providers they have: you can choose from a wide range of options and make your own utility packages 
Accurate energy quotes are OFGEM compliant to find the best offers for each customer and help save money on bills. The papernest specialists generate accurate energy quotes for your energy consumption at the same time as they chat to you on the phone, so you can choose the best deal in your new property according to your specific needs.
Papernest focuses on utilities to guarantee a premium service to customers ensuring higher customer satisfaction. All utilities can be dealt with at once over a single phone call, centralising all your procedures.
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All your paperwork taken care of without the pain of doing it yourself.

Forget the stressful hours, untraceable papers, unreachable customer services. This Crown Recommended Partner take care of all the administrative procedures with the suppliers that offer you the best deals. All you will do is simply enjoy a well-earned rest and know all is taken care of.

Papernest has handpicked the suppliers in the UK just for you, to make sure you get the best deals possible. This Crown Recommended Partner has teamed up with brands like BT, Post Office, E-ON, SKY, TalkTalk, Scottish Power, SSE, Shell Energy, EDF, Vodafone, KCOM and many more, to cover all your utility subscriptions and more.